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I studied Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam. After my graduation I started as an IT engineer, working for large IT projects. I discovered firsthand the challenges of the traditional IT approaches such as Prince2 in my years as a project manager. I joined a large international bank to become a team manager, for both development and operations departments. In this role I spent a lot of time closing the gap between OPS and DEV. About 8 years ago I became a LEAN six sigma black belt and started to improve the traditional IT way of working. I adopted Agile Scrum, helped to implement DevOps and co-founded an in-house IT Academy. Today I focus mainly on continuous delivery. Helping teams with automated solutions that really improve quality and time to market. Above all IT is my passion. Playing and experimenting with new tools and techniques is what I constantly do.
I like to share my passion. I do this in the simpelest way possible. No showing off with fancy tricks. Plain and simple examples to show how it works.

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Taco Bakker aka SonnyBurnett
Me in India. I love to travel.